Peugeot Citroën LATAM CGI Film Peugeot 408


Guided by the concept of "There is not a perfect city, there is a car instead", the interactive film was made entirely digitally and was the focus of the launch for the new Peugeot 408 on the Internet.
Client: Peugeot Citroën LATAM
Product: Peugeot 408
Title: "City"
Duration: 3:14
Type: Interactive CG Film
Gen. Creative Director: Nicolás Perlín
Art Director: Pamela Bertoni
Producer: STEADY | in lab
Account Director: Andrés Martin
Account Supervisor: Emiliano Toledo
Director: Matias Collado, Ezequiel Zanoni
Executive Producer: Ezequiel Zanoni
Director of Photography: Lucas Carracedo
Music: Andrés Cortés
VFX: STEADY ¦ in lab
Supervision from client: Franklin Bendahan, Mario Arriscal