June 26, 2012

LatinSpots - Issue 105



By Ezequiel Zanoni
Executive Director - STEADY | in lab

STEADY | in lab had an excellent year in growth and big projects. We had the pleasure to work with major directors in the medium assisting with the process of Visual Effects for major worldwide brands like: Danone, Toyota, Cerveza Sol, Fox & Citroën. This comes after the major success we had with the 100% CGI films press we created for the Peugeot 408 in 2010 and the following year we had the pleasure to repeat the success with the Peugeot 308 at a regional Latin American level en 2011 improving greatly on the art & photorealism of the previous film press. This is how we achieved entry to the premier level comparing to many major foreign international production studios.

We feel there are key elements for success at STEADY | in lab: professionalism, specialization & the attention to all details of every aspect of a project that really makes a difference. We take pride in every job we take on. Looking into every step of the way from commercial assistants & personalized technical abilities in order to work through a project not missing any detail. We strongly feel being close to the clients and helping them achieve maximum creativity with their projects make us stand out. Creating magic and fantastic solutions on screen moves us in a way that we are fearless and focused completely on delivering top quality to remain very competitive in international markets.

With todays new technologies and form of communications we see a wide range of new markets. Now a days we are not just producing for standard TV but we are working on different platforms like smartphones, tablets and internet with millions of new viewers and ways to get your message out to the public. We now have the ability to skew from the traditional advertising and creating new original content with amazing quality where as people can interact and enjoy. Its vital for a business or brand to understand where the market is going and get on-board. Its the new technology in HD and stereoscopic 3D that make great eye candy. However, a bit more costly as far as production goes but at the same time it provides a high impact for all viewers in this HD world. So the demand in maintaining and investing in infrastructure, the demand of up to date investigation and the power of our human resources STEADY | in lab has become a top competitor in the business.


By Andres Martin
Commercial Director STEADY | in lab

Currently we are generating more and more foreign clients. In todays world we have the ability to communicate and produce locally for international clients with no problems at all in a market that is highly regarded as very challenging as far as creativity and deadlines. This is something that we try to perfect as each job comes in. The creativity in Argentina in this
industry is regarded very high in the world. Due mostly to the fact we are very particular about the slightest details in very aspect of productions. This is also a market that loves a challenge to be competitive and now we can produce the quality you see in multi-million dollar projects

With all that being said, for us this year has been very favorable. The market is very active and growing daily as that gives us a chance to grow with it and become a major player in the media world in Argentina and get the recognition from our clients that keep them coming back for more. With our new clients we have worked with this year have eagerly wanted to jump back with us to continue to create and produce for them on a steady basis. This year is going to be full of new challenges and the main challenge for us would be to get better and better and continue to grow.